wyrd bið ful aræd

Searching for Brother Arrin

The party spent a day looking for information as to the whereabouts of Brother Arrin in Eoferwic. They turned up some more information about him, including a report that he was seen alive the day before the incident in his cabin at the Abbey. Br. Arrin was known among some of the bards and tavern-patrons in the area. Br. Arrin was interested in the 13 Treasures and druids. Upon investigating Br. Arrin’s cabin again, they noted that a knapsack he commonly carried on his travels was missing.

On the eve of the party’s leaving Eoferwic to hunt for Br. Arrin in the West, a group of 4 goblins attempted to break into their room in the inn, but were quickly dispatched by the party members present. These goblins were unusually well-equipped, clean, and in healthy condition (at least, until they were killed).

The party spent the next day travelling to the next settlement to the West. There, they showed around a picture of Br. Arrin, but although he was recognized, and had been seen there on many occasions in the past, they were able to find no one who remembered seeing him more recently than a month past. The party then elected to continue West half a day to ford the river, after which they intended to head South-East to the first settlement South of Eoferwic, in hopes they might find evidence of Br. Arrin having passed that way more recently.

However, upon fording the river, the party was ambushed by a band of goblins, lead by a goblin cleric. The part managed to defeat the entire band, with some difficulty in the case of the cleric, who was wearing full plate mail.



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