wyrd bið ful aræd

Pirate Cave Raid

The party was tipped off to a possible location of the main pirate base and it turned out to be accurate. They hired a couple of mercs and found the pirate’s boat, a dhow, and a copper mine they were hiding out in and took them out and looted their hoard.

Azaq is planning to prepare a sending spell to send a message to the captain that he managed to convert to a worshiper of Obad-Hai.

Message to captain:
100 gold pieces if you bring a crew here to the inlet x miles North up the coast to operate a dhow right away.

Dale made a group treasure page on Google Docs. I just need everyone’s email so I can share it.

Where the heck is Brother Arrin?

The party interrogated the remaining goblin from the band which ambushed them at the ford of the river, and learned that humans paid their cleric war leader to attack the party. The goblin also divulged the general location of his band’s lair, approximately 5 days march to the West, somewhere in the mountains. Upon the completion of the interrogation, Fubar executed him.

The party then continued South East, and upon camping that night, were attacked by a band of hobgoblins. Defeating the band, they managed to save the leader and interrogate him, determining that his band had been sent after the party as well, on orders received via a goblin messenger. This hobgoblin told the party the area from which they came, and it seems to be the same area as the goblins.

The party continued to the first town South of Eoferwic, and upon asking the locals, found that Br. Arrin had been through the area approximately a week before, heading South on the road.

The party followed the road South the next day, and just before dusk, noticed the ruins of a fort on the top of a hill near the road. Investigating the ruins, they found them infested with zombies, which thanks to the turning ability of Asaque (Asaq), the party defeated easily.

After some basic clean-up, the party elected to spend the night in the ruins.

Searching for Brother Arrin

The party spent a day looking for information as to the whereabouts of Brother Arrin in Eoferwic. They turned up some more information about him, including a report that he was seen alive the day before the incident in his cabin at the Abbey. Br. Arrin was known among some of the bards and tavern-patrons in the area. Br. Arrin was interested in the 13 Treasures and druids. Upon investigating Br. Arrin’s cabin again, they noted that a knapsack he commonly carried on his travels was missing.

On the eve of the party’s leaving Eoferwic to hunt for Br. Arrin in the West, a group of 4 goblins attempted to break into their room in the inn, but were quickly dispatched by the party members present. These goblins were unusually well-equipped, clean, and in healthy condition (at least, until they were killed).

The party spent the next day travelling to the next settlement to the West. There, they showed around a picture of Br. Arrin, but although he was recognized, and had been seen there on many occasions in the past, they were able to find no one who remembered seeing him more recently than a month past. The party then elected to continue West half a day to ford the river, after which they intended to head South-East to the first settlement South of Eoferwic, in hopes they might find evidence of Br. Arrin having passed that way more recently.

However, upon fording the river, the party was ambushed by a band of goblins, lead by a goblin cleric. The part managed to defeat the entire band, with some difficulty in the case of the cleric, who was wearing full plate mail.

Murder in Eoferwic

The party, following a tip from Asaque (Asaq)‘s friend Aegert, a priest of The White God, sought Brother Arinn at the Abbey in Eoferwic. Upon reaching Brother Arrin’s cabin, the party sees a dead man in a monk’s robe laying on the floor, and observe a wererat jumping out the window.

The party pursues, captures, and questions the wererat, and decides that he is innocent of the seeming murder. Upon further investigation, and consultation with the Steward of the Abbey (Brother Edwan), the party determines the following:

  • The dead man is NOT Brother Arinn, nor is he a monk at the Abbey.
  • The The victim died via blunt trauma to the back of the head, probably from being pushed into the raised stone hearth in front of the fireplace in Brother Arinn’s cabin.
  • The victim, and possibly the killer, was searching for something in Brother Arinn’s cabin.
  • Brother Arinn is missing.
  • Brother Arinn has been writing and researching the Druids, and his notes include references to The 13 Treasures and The Scroll of Caleddin.

The party called undertakers to bury the body of the victim, followed them to the cemetery outside of town, and watched the cemetery all night in hopes someone would come looking for the victim’s body.

Instead, the party encountered and defeated 3 vampire spawn. Afterward, unsatisfied with the paltry loot acquired from the vampire spawn, Asaque (Asaq) used “Detect Magic” to scan all the graves in the cemetery, and determined that 4 of them contained magic items of some sort. These graves were marked, so the party could find them again, apparently for the purpose of digging up said items later.

Sailing to Eoferwic

The party sailed with Allvar on the Orman Lange to Eoferwic, and was attacked by two longboats crewed by 18 pirates on the second day out. The party managed to defeat the pirates easily, with only Cecile taking any damage, and that minimal.

The party seized one of the pirates two long boats (Allvar took the other), and sold it when they reached Eoferwic.

The party has remained in the city, resting and refitting, gathering information, and spending their loot.

Hunting Orc Raiders

The party cleared out of the farm where they defeated the party of orcs which had been raiding surrounding farms West of Dunholm. They then moved South to the river, following it East where they happened upon a path from a small river landing to a hidden camp. Following the path North, the party walked into an ambush by a band of 10 orcs, which they narrowly defeated.

The Party then proceeded East to Dunholm, where they liquidated their loot, and joined Allvar, a Danish Merchant, on his boat for Eoferwic.

Kobolds, and ghouls, and orcs, oh my!

The party has been going off in all directions, with some working their way South with a caravan, fighting off bandits. A barbarian joined the party, and assisted in fighting off kobolds. Then a new fighter joined and helped the party kill some ghouls in a small town cemetery.

Later, the party tracked and destroyed a party of 8 orcs which had been raiding and burning farms to the West of Dunholm. The party is presently camping in the barn where they fought the orc band, 3 days from Dunholm.

Escape from Bebbanburg
Southward Bound

The party, having escaped the fort at Bebbanburg one step ahead of Ælfric’s men, have elected to head South, considering the possibility of seeking out Uhtred the Younger.

The party traveled for about 3 days, encountering a pack of wild dogs, a group of bandits, and a raiding party of hobgoblins, all of which they were able to defeat with little difficulty.

The party is working out the kinks, and developing some habits which they hope will serve them well in their adventures.

Asaque (Asaq) has adopted a tiny adder, which has assisted him well in combat.

Presently, they seek a village or some other source of news, in hopes of determining their future course.

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