wyrd bið ful aræd

Where the heck is Brother Arrin?

The party interrogated the remaining goblin from the band which ambushed them at the ford of the river, and learned that humans paid their cleric war leader to attack the party. The goblin also divulged the general location of his band’s lair, approximately 5 days march to the West, somewhere in the mountains. Upon the completion of the interrogation, Fubar executed him.

The party then continued South East, and upon camping that night, were attacked by a band of hobgoblins. Defeating the band, they managed to save the leader and interrogate him, determining that his band had been sent after the party as well, on orders received via a goblin messenger. This hobgoblin told the party the area from which they came, and it seems to be the same area as the goblins.

The party continued to the first town South of Eoferwic, and upon asking the locals, found that Br. Arrin had been through the area approximately a week before, heading South on the road.

The party followed the road South the next day, and just before dusk, noticed the ruins of a fort on the top of a hill near the road. Investigating the ruins, they found them infested with zombies, which thanks to the turning ability of Asaque (Asaq), the party defeated easily.

After some basic clean-up, the party elected to spend the night in the ruins.



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