wyrd bið ful aræd

Murder in Eoferwic

The party, following a tip from Asaque (Asaq)‘s friend Aegert, a priest of The White God, sought Brother Arinn at the Abbey in Eoferwic. Upon reaching Brother Arrin’s cabin, the party sees a dead man in a monk’s robe laying on the floor, and observe a wererat jumping out the window.

The party pursues, captures, and questions the wererat, and decides that he is innocent of the seeming murder. Upon further investigation, and consultation with the Steward of the Abbey (Brother Edwan), the party determines the following:

  • The dead man is NOT Brother Arinn, nor is he a monk at the Abbey.
  • The The victim died via blunt trauma to the back of the head, probably from being pushed into the raised stone hearth in front of the fireplace in Brother Arinn’s cabin.
  • The victim, and possibly the killer, was searching for something in Brother Arinn’s cabin.
  • Brother Arinn is missing.
  • Brother Arinn has been writing and researching the Druids, and his notes include references to The 13 Treasures and The Scroll of Caleddin.

The party called undertakers to bury the body of the victim, followed them to the cemetery outside of town, and watched the cemetery all night in hopes someone would come looking for the victim’s body.

Instead, the party encountered and defeated 3 vampire spawn. Afterward, unsatisfied with the paltry loot acquired from the vampire spawn, Asaque (Asaq) used “Detect Magic” to scan all the graves in the cemetery, and determined that 4 of them contained magic items of some sort. These graves were marked, so the party could find them again, apparently for the purpose of digging up said items later.



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